Fall Conference: November 17, 2018 – Kearney Holiday Inn

Kyle Bruss

Our 2018 Fall Conference featured Kyle Bruss, from Talent+®, who spoke on Strength-Based Staff Development and Recruiting (Click here to view), and Rich Gasaway whose presentation on Situational Awareness can be found on podcasts 233 & 234 at https://www.samatters.com/. We also heard from the Nebraska Department of Education on Rule 91 & 92 changes, the Nebraska Safety Center on Level 1 & 2 class changes, and the Department of Homeland Security on school bus security.


Kyle Bruss joined Talent Plus in 1998 and obsesses over finding talented candidates for the company. Bruss also works as a senior consultant with several clients in their recruitment, selection and organizational development efforts. His work encompasses initiatives that include mission and vision development, recruitment, selection, team development, one-on-one coaching and management development.