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On March 12, 1968, 22 gentlemen from across the state got together in Kearney, Nebraska and held the first meeting of the Nebraska School Transportation Supervisors Association (now the Nebraska School Transportation Association). One of the highlights of that day was a performance demonstration of automatic transmissions in school buses.

The intent of this Association is to provide adequate opportunity for school transportation personnel, educational administrators, classroom teachers, and safety leader throughout the state to work together in fulfilling the goal of providing the safest and most efficient transportation possible for all students in the state of Nebraska.

Other intents are to allow supervisors of school transportation in Nebraska to meet, exchange ideas, hold workshops to improve the skills of themselves and their mechanics and to provide another way for the Nebraska Department of Education to convey information related to school transportation to these supervisors.

A constitution and bylaws were drafted and approved.

Art Keller, one of the original founders of the Association remains an honorary member of the Association.

The officers at the present time are President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The immediate Past President is a member of the Executive Committee along with the 3 elected officers.

There is also an administrative assistant who is a consultant to the Executive Committee. The administrative assistant is a representative of the State Department of Education, or the Director of School Transportation.


The membership has varied from the 22 original members to a high of around 70 or 75.

Professional membership is open to any person who is employed as a transportation supervisor, Level 1 & 2 instructor, or coordination of the school transportation system (public or private), drivers and mechanics.

Business memberships shall be open to those individuals, organizations or vendors that wish to support the purpose of the Association by purchasing sustaining memberships. Honorary membership may be presented to any person who has made substantial contributions to school transportation in the State of Nebraska.

Pupil Transportation is a division of the Nebraska Safety Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney