TSA Reissues terrorism  risk awareness

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reissued its April 27, 2018 warning to transportation providers to be aware of the heightened risk of possible large vehicle ramming incidents through September, 2018.

To view the April 27, 2018 TSA Bulletin, click here.

Surface transportation operators should encourage their employees to secure their vehicles to prevent theft or unauthorized use. Employees of businesses that rent vehicles should be aware of customers that exhibit suspicious behaviors, such as:

  • Trembling, unusual perspiration, clock watching, continuously scanning the area, heavy breathing, repetitively touching the face, pacing, or exaggerated yawning;
  • Providing vague or unverifiable references or employment information when making a reservation or completing a rental agreement;
  • Presenting an altered or expired identification or driver’s license;
  • Making inquiries about whether a rental vehicle can be modified to handle heavier loads, create additional storage areas, increase fuel capacity or vehicle speed; or
  • Wearing clothing that is not appropriate for the season or wearing a disguise.

Employees should review their company’s security policies and procedures and any behavior or circumstances that seem odd or unusual should be brought to the attention of law enforcement—“If you See Something, Say Something.”

Included below is a link to a fact sheet from TSA, which provides additional information about terrorist-related vehicle ramming attacks on pedestrians in the USA since 2001.

Click here to view the May 9, 2018 National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin.

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