August 28, 2015

Dear State Directors of Pupil Transportation:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) sent NASDPTS the attached Security Awareness Message (SAM) in advance of the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend and the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. Its purpose is to remind transportation professionals of the need to conduct active shooter training drills and to remain vigilant. The message highlights recent incidents and statistics regarding the nature and extent of active shooter incidents, including the recent incident on the high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris. The TSA emphasizes that such incidents can occur anywhere and at any time and says that, “Even though this message is not in response to a specific threat to surface transportation and there are presently no National Threat Advisory System alerts (, TSA is sending this message to our transportation industry partners in an effort to encourage continued vigilance and timely reporting of suspicious incidents by their employees and customers.” We encourage you to forward this SAM to others within your organization and state with a need to know. It’s a valuable reminder for anyone whose responsibilities include maintaining safe and secure transportation for employees and students.

Sincerely, Charlie

Charlie Hood, Executive Director

(850) 274-4308

TSA Surface Division SAM 2015-SAM-200-10(final)